Saturday, August 29, 2015

I Must Confess...

       When people ask me about my work, they usually assume that my favorite part of  being a bridal stylist are the beautiful gowns that I have the privilege of working with. While I really and truly do admire and appreciate their beauty, I must confess that my absolute favorite part of bridal styling and pulling together a "bridal look" is getting to work with so many fabulous and exclusive accessories!
        As a bridal stylist, I've gained unique access to a wide and varied range of accessories. Sashes, headpieces, veils, blushers, tiaras, combs, jewelry- it's all at my fingertips and I love working with them all. Truly, it's the most fun part for me; it's cliche to say, but at times I feel completely like a kid in a candy shop!
         It's not just that the pieces are beautiful, unique and enchanting, but having the right accessories are really the key to creating the look that you want as a bride. A birdcage veil (top left corner) can create a chic, retro look. A sash/headpiece (running across the middle) can look very Grecian or Great Gatsby. A headpiece can be used in multiple ways and many hairstyles. Either way, whether you flip through a magazine or work closely with a consultant, have fun with selecting your accessories-it will be one of the best parts of the wedding process!
     For yourself,  what would be the must-have accessory on your big day? Are you into tiaras or not so much? Do you think there's such a thing as too many accessories? Let me know in the comments below!

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