Friday, January 30, 2015

Enchanted with the "Elsa" Dress

              Hello my beauties!
              I hope this entry finds you well. Things have been running at a break-neck speed in bridal world and if you are having a wedding, or helping to plan a one, you are right there in the trenches with me! The hours have been crazy and I've been surviving on lots and lots of coffee, comfy but cute flats and getting in as much beauty rest as I am allowed. In order to take care of my brides, I have to take care of myself, right?
               In looking at bridal gowns, I'm sure you have, at least in the past, come across or heard of how a few years ago, Disney (yes, THAT Disney!) partnered up with the legendary Alfred Angelo Bridal company to create a collection of bridal gowns inspired by the Disney Princesses.  Not only do they have dress for the classic princesses, such as Snow White and Cinderella, but they have really sought to keep the collection updated as new princesses join the Walt Disney Kingdom. A few years ago, Princess Tiana, from Disney's The Frog Prince, was added to the collection and she has had her own bridal gowns for a few years now.
              Well, as we all know by now, pop culture and our society in general has been caught up in the avalanche that is Disney's"Frozen", and in keeping with everyone's obsession, Disney has once again partnered up with Alfred Angelo Bridal to bring . . . yes, you guessed it . . . an "Elsa"inspired bridal gown, and without further delay, here she is!

                                                                "Elsa" - #251

      So here are the vitals:  The shape of "Elsa"(style #251)  is a flared sheath gown. This means it's fitted very similarly to that of a mermaid gown on top, but as it travels down to the bottom, the flare is relaxed and soft. According to the website of Alfred Angelo Bridal, the embellishment of sequins and glitter tulle on the bottom are meant to glisten like "freshly fallen snow"-how romantic does that sound?!? Also very interesting is that  not only can this dress come in the traditional white or ivory, but will also be available in a one-of-a-kind shade of BLUE, entitiled "Ice Crystal".

      I think you can see the color better in this photo (below) that shows the unique back.

         My take on this creation? I think it's a good tribute to the princess that inspires it and I think it's a dress that brides could wear, especially maybe as a second dress. I mean, aren't those sequins and glitter tulle made for a dance floor lit by tea lights or twinkly lights? I especially can't wait to see it in white or ivory. Although color has really come back into bridal, I don't know if many brides would actually do blue for their big day.
         I want to know what you're thinking! What do you think of a "Frozen" inspired bridal gown? Would you walk down the aisle in "Elsa"? Also, would you be bold in blue, or would you feel more comfortable in white or ivory?  I want to know! Let's talk!



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