Friday, January 2, 2015

The Starting Point

               I had just returned home. I was exhausted, hungry and my feet were killing me - it had been one of those days. Kicking off my black patent leather pumps, I stepped into my grandma's house where she was visiting with my Aunt Vivian, who is also my godmother. Saying hello, I got a plate of leftovers, threw it in the microwave and sat down where I began to regale my grandma and aunt with stories from my workplace; a high-end bridal salon in the crazy city of Los Angeles. It was cathartic for me to be able to vent about clients and their weddings. When I had started a few years prior, I had no idea how entrenched I would become in my clients and their lives. I had no clue as to the demands and pressure that would be placed on me to deliver what they wanted. I had no idea how crucial my role would be in what was considered by many of them to be the most important day of their lives - their wedding day. 
           I can't think of exactly when, but after some time, my Nina Viv, suggested that I start writing all these down and put it into a blog and well . . . we all have to start somewhere and this is the start of that said blog. 
             I invite you, dear reader, to go where few people get to go - inside the life and profession of a bridal stylist. Come back and enjoy an insider's perspective on one of the craziest industries that's behind the most important day in most people's lives.  
             Picture above is my dear friend, Carmen. I think she looks simply stunning in this champagne-colored bridal gown with a plain tulle veil.

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